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The ‘unofficial’ word that got ‘official’

An Indian word that sounds like a mispronunciation of a word that originated in China has become the official word of the country’s agriculture ministry.

The word, ‘chaiyat’ (literally “to spread”), has been in the news recently for its use by state-run Hindustan Times, the mouthpiece of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, to refer to an Indian official who has been criticized for mispronouncing the word.

Chaiyats are used by Indian bureaucrats and public servants as a tool to disseminate information on how to pronounce the name, the word, or even the place of birth of a person, according to an article published by the Hindustani Times on April 13.

“The government is also looking into the use of the word to convey information, especially about corruption cases and issues of national interest.

This is an issue that has not been covered by the media in recent times,” said a government official.

The official added that while the word was not in use at the time of the article, it is now the official language in the country.

According to the Hindutva-oriented Bharatiyah Janta Party, the ‘Chaiya’ word is the “official word of India’s agriculture department” and “has been used as a verb to convey relevant information since it is the most common form of the official Hindi word used in the field of agriculture.”

This news comes just two weeks after Hindustans Times used the word on a news report.

The newspaper reported that the word is used in Hindi, which is the official state language of India.

In fact, it was the first time in over a decade that the ‘chakiya’ language had been officially adopted by the state of India as a form of official Hindi.

The official language is not the only language used by the government of India in India, but is also widely used in many other parts of the world.

In recent years, the government has been working on an ambitious plan to modernize the country by promoting the use and adoption of Hindi.

According a government statement, the plan aims to make Hindi more easily accessible to the general public, improve efficiency in the delivery of services, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery system and improve the availability of services to citizens.

The government has also announced plans to introduce a new national language, which it says will be the official national language by 2025.

India has also introduced a new, state-funded Hindi textbook that is currently in print in all of the state’s primary schools.

The news comes after a recent controversy surrounding the word in the national news media over the use by a reporter of the Hindoo news outlet, a mouthpiece for the BJP, to call on the government to “change the name of the Chaiyata.”

In the interview with the Hindoos’ English-language edition of the paper, the reporter said, “The word Chaiya has become a national word.

The government must change the name.”

WHO warns of outbreak of disseminated-sclerotic MS

In February, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the disease was spreading “across borders and in some cases even across continents” and was “highly infectious”.

The disease, which affects about a quarter of the world’s population, is currently “the biggest public health emergency since the pandemic of 1918”, the WHO said.

But as the pandemics have faded, so has the threat of disseminative sclerosis.

It now affects an estimated 15.8 million people worldwide, according to the WHO.

The WHO also said that “a number of countries are experiencing outbreaks” of the disease, and it was “not uncommon” for a new strain to emerge from an existing strain.

With the virus “so closely related to the one that caused the 1918 pandemic”, there has been a tendency to focus on the two, with scientists now focusing on isolating new strains.

The latest strains that have been identified are known as SP-18 and SP-19, both of which were first detected in China in August.

“These new strains are more complex, and more closely related, to the 1918 strains, than the old ones,” said Prof David Whitehead, an expert on SP-9.

“It’s the same virus, but there are a number of different strains.

It’s not just a simple case of the virus moving in a circle, but it’s really a complex virus.”

This could lead to a new generation of infections that could pose a risk of transmission, as well as spreading the virus to other people in the community.

“We are seeing a lot of spread of the outbreak in Africa, and we are also seeing a number in Europe and North America,” Prof Whitehead told Al Jazeera.

“There is some indication that the virus could be spreading in other regions as well.”

The pandemic has seen the number of new cases jump to more than 5.5 million from the previous year, with many of those infections linked to people travelling abroad.

In the US, the number has more than doubled to 1.4 million, with nearly half of those cases reported in California and Oregon.

However, the latest cases were mainly in people who have been travelling to Europe, with a number reported in other European countries.

China, the second-largest country in the world, recorded more than 4.3 million cases in February.

The US has seen a steady rise in cases in recent weeks, with more than 300,000 new cases recorded in the month of February alone.

However in many of the countries where the virus has been circulating, the numbers of new infections are much lower.

In New Zealand, there have been just seven cases reported, but New Zealand Health Minister Peter Dunne said it was likely there were as many as 40,000 cases in the country.

“In terms of the global picture, we have been quite fortunate,” he said.

“That’s probably the reason why we are seeing some of the very, very low numbers that we have seen in Australia, where we have had only two cases.”

Dr Michael Brown, a lecturer in epidemiology at the University of Melbourne, said that despite the increased number of cases, there was a “lot of noise” around the outbreak.

“The numbers are still quite small,” he told Al-Jazeera.

And is there any particular threat or risk to this population?’ “

I think what you need to do is take a step back and ask, ‘What does it mean to have a pandemic?

A ‘brief pause’ The new cases are not just affecting New Zealand. “

The global spread of MS is much more severe than the pandemia, so there is a lot more noise.”

A ‘brief pause’ The new cases are not just affecting New Zealand.

The number of New Zealanders infected with the disease in the past year has jumped to more that 1.6 million, and there are now a total of 1.3.

million people living with MS.

Professor Whitehead said that while the current outbreak is a “brief hiatus” in terms of new infection rates, there are “still a number more people who are susceptible”.

“We’ve seen an overall increase in MS cases across the world and I think we’re seeing that we’re not necessarily going to see a return to normal levels of MS,” he added.

“But I think it’s important to understand that we are still at a point where there is still a large number of people who may be at risk of transmitting the disease to others.”

However, Prof Whiteheads fears that this could become a problem in the future.

“If you look at the numbers from the past two years, we are currently at a level of infection that is significantly higher than that which existed before,” he explained.

“So what we need to be very careful of is whether that pattern continues and how that can affect the transmission of the infection.”

WHO: MS spreads to Africa,

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