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Scientists report new strain of gonorrheal bacteria found in a farm in Iowa

PUBLIC HEALTH NEWS USA Today November 28, 2018 5:09:50The first strain of the gonorrheiic dysentery (GD) bacteria is circulating in an Iowa farm, where it was identified last month by a public health team.

The farm is the first of several in the state, and the first in the nation, to test positive for the strain, according to a news release from the Iowa Department of Agriculture.

“The discovery of the new strain is exciting news,” said Dr. Steven Smith, a professor of infectious disease and virology at Iowa State University.

“The discovery means that this strain is now more widespread in Iowa than previously known.

The number of farm-associated cases of GD has been rising in recent years, and this is one more reason to be on guard.”

In a statement, the Iowa farm said it tested positive for two new strains of the GD bacteria that were found in the farm’s manure.

Scientists have identified a second strain of GD that’s circulating in Iowa and in human milk, the farm said.

It said that the two strains are different from each other because they differ in their ability to infect human milk and to replicate in the gut.

Because the strain that is circulating has different genes, it is also not as likely to be transferred from person to person, the statement said.

The Iowa farm has been contacted by state health officials, the USDA and the Iowa Division of Veterinary Medicine, which has been notified.

Smith said the strain of GDD is being investigated for possible links to a second case in the US, in which a farmer in Minnesota was diagnosed with the new GD strain in October.

The Minnesota case was also linked to an Iowa farmer who had tested positive in February, according.

In the US last month, the CDC reported a total of 1,746 cases of gonorrhoea in the United States.

Last year, the US Department of Health and Human Services reported 1,831 new cases of the disease in 2018, which is more than any year since 1976.

The herpes vaccine can treat the herpes zoster virus

By now, you probably know that the herpes outbreak that hit the U.S. this year is being blamed on the use of the HSV-2 vaccine, which is made by the vaccine manufacturer, Merck.

But what’s not known is how well the vaccine works.

And what the virus can do when it comes to transmitting the herpes virus isn’t well understood, according to new research.

The best ways to stay safe from gonorrheal disease: thesaur Source Al Jazeera English title How do you know if you’re at risk for adenomatous polyneuropathy?

Thesauruses can cause symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, headaches, weight loss, weight gain and difficulty breathing.

If you get a rash, chills or a severe headache, it could be caused by adenomyosis, the spread of the bacteria from the mouth to the bloodstream.

Al Jazeera’s Paul Adams reports from Sydney.

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