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What you need to know about the spread of coronavirus

Dublin is on lockdown after the coronaviruses first cases were reported in Dublin on Sunday night.

The Department of Health (DoH) has said the spread is “very significant”.

Dublin’s hospitals are closed and people are being told to avoid the city.

Dublin City Council said it is doing all it can to contain the spread.

“There is a very significant spread of the coronivirus in Dublin City Council,” the council said in a statement.

“The emergency operation is underway, but we will continue to monitor the situation.”

Dublin Mayor Eamon Gilmore said the lockdown is a “necessary precautionary measure” as the virus is spreading.

“It is vital that people remain safe at home, as well as in the public places of their choice,” he said.

“We have put the entire Dublin City region under lockdown, with a large number of services shut down in order to keep the public safe.”

The lockdown comes after a coronaviral pandemic in the US left hundreds dead, but also sparked a wave of coronas to spread across Europe and the US.

“We are all at risk, and we are all connected to each other,” Mr Gilmore said.

The outbreak in the Republic of Ireland has so far affected about 1,500 people.

The majority of the confirmed cases are in the city of Dublin.

“As we know the spread has increased,” the Mayor said.

Dubai has been one of the busiest cities to catch up with the coronas and has seen about 3,300 new cases, or roughly half of all cases.

Dubans public transport system has also been shut down for several days.

Dub City has seen an increase in the number of cases and deaths from coronavids.

A total of 12 people died in Dublin during the first 24 hours of the outbreak, including a 15-year-old boy who died on Monday morning.

The boy was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Tuesday and died on Wednesday, the Department of Public Health said.

“Our priority is to get as many people back to work as quickly as possible and to prevent further spread of this virus,” it said.

Health Minister Simon Harris said a large proportion of those infected in Dublin had been identified through an analysis of the virus’ RNA.

“This means that we are not only preventing the spread but also the transmission of the infection,” he told the BBC.

I think it is really important that we continue to work together and to do what is necessary to control the spread in the region.””

It is a huge relief that we have a clear understanding of what is happening.”

I think it is really important that we continue to work together and to do what is necessary to control the spread in the region.

“So far, we have seen that the coronases are spreading quickly and rapidly, but it is going to take a lot more than a quick outbreak to prevent people from becoming infected.”

The Department for Health has also warned that a coronas pandemic may spread to Ireland’s mainland, including by sea, as early as next week.

It is expected that the island nation will be hit by at least three coronavaccine cases in just two weeks.

In the UK, a total of 22 cases of coronatitis have been confirmed in the UK so far, with 16 of them in the capital London.

The first case of COVID was reported on Sunday evening, when a 65-yearold man was admitted to the Royal London Hospital in north London.

The man had not travelled outside the capital since January and was found to have symptoms similar to COVID.

“That person is being treated in intensive care at the hospital,” the hospital said.

How to teach bacterial transmission to students

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