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The Supreme Court of Canada hears arguments on whether to allow minors to use online porn

Posted July 19, 2018 12:09:54The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on how to allow young people under the age of 18 to view pornography online.

The court will hear arguments Thursday, July 22.

Justice Thomas Cromwell will argue for the legalization of adult-oriented adult-focused porn, while Justice Mark Geragos will argue against it.

The court has already ruled that porn featuring children in nudity or sexual content is illegal, but the court is hearing a case that could affect how the internet is policed.

A group of students have argued that pornography featuring children is illegal because of the impact on young people.

The group is arguing that the law applies equally to young adults who have access to the internet, but not those who do not.

“There is an enormous social problem, and it’s not just kids,” said one of the students, Daniel Lopes.

The case was brought by the advocacy group Stop Porn on Campus, which is suing the federal government and the Ontario Ministry of Education, Colleges and Universities to overturn a Supreme Court decision last year.

The students want to see an online age of consent of 18, which they say is the equivalent of the legal age for all Canadians.

The law currently allows for up to an adult’s consent for online porn, and the court has ruled that it’s okay for young people to view adult content, but they don’t have to be legally over 18 to do so.

The Supreme of the Court is in session Thursday, where it will hear oral arguments.

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