Why I was the first to report the news about the coronavirus outbreak

It’s no secret that the coronivirus pandemic is killing an enormous number of people.

That’s the reason I was one of the first news outlets to report on the news, and it’s the same reason I’m still here, even after I’ve gone through a full recovery.

When the news broke, I knew it would affect the way I communicate with my friends and family.

But that’s not why I’ve stayed, or will stay, as a journalist.

When I became a reporter, I was working for a newspaper, a magazine, a website and now a daily newspaper in an era of social media.

I didn’t realize how important it would be to tell the truth and to keep doing what I do, but I never stopped working to do that.

It’s why I want to continue to do my job and stay true to myself.

I’m in good hands, and I’ll continue to give the news I cover, which includes the coronovirus, as well as covering my own personal struggles and personal struggles of my own.