‘No ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ to a National Flag Day for India

Posted February 15, 2019 11:19:18It is no secret that the national flag is an important symbol for the country.

It is the national symbol of the Indian Army and it is a symbol of our unity.

The slogan ‘No No No, No No No’ has been widely adopted by the citizens of the country to express their sentiments.

However, a proposal to make the flag of the Republic a symbol for a day of celebration on February 16 has gone out of fashion.

The flag should be a symbol not only for our country but for all of India.

The Indian Flag Day, or ‘No-No’ is a day for citizens of India to display their national flag and to celebrate the independence of the nation.

A flag is a permanent symbol that can be displayed for long periods of time.

The flag of India should never be replaced or altered.

In our country, the flag has always been a symbol.

It can be changed at any time by the people of the State.

The National Flag, the symbol of India, is not a fixed and eternal symbol that needs to be constantly displayed in any way.

The Government of India has been actively encouraging people to display the national flags on the streets of their respective States for many years now.

There is a need to display national flags in a dignified and patriotic manner.

It would be better if the flag was used in a more dignified manner.

The government should encourage people to be proud of the flag.

The national flag should not be used for any other purpose.

It should be kept as a permanent and irreplaceable symbol of Indian Independence.

In any case, the Government of the day should also keep the national and state flags on display.

National Flag Day is the day to celebrate India’s freedom, independence and unity.

The Prime Minister and other leaders have repeatedly declared that India has the right to declare national and State flags, but we are yet to see a single state flag on display anywhere in the country during the National Flag Days.

The National Flag is the symbol for India and it has a permanent place in the hearts of the people.

There are many countries that are displaying national flags, such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Argentina and Spain.