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Disseminators are getting antsy.

 The World Health Organization has called on the world to get on the same page and ban the sale of cosmetics and face masks containing the Zika virus, as it continues to spread through the country.

A study published by The Lancet journal on Wednesday found that the rate of infections among people aged 20 to 34 is up nearly twofold since the start of the Zika outbreak in Brazil in early March.

The study, which examined more than 7,500 cases in the country, found that 1,500 people had been infected by the virus in that age group since the outbreak began in late March, while 1,300 cases were found among people over the age of 45.

In total, the study found, 6.4 million people have been infected, including 5.5 million children and 7.4% of the population aged 65 and older.

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The world of fashion and beauty is a hotbed for the spread of the deadly virus, with the most popular brands selling products with a history of causing infections.

But, even with the rise in cases, the WHO said there were no new cases reported across the world, and there was no sign that there was a rise in deaths.

“The WHO continues to support all WHO partners to support the development of effective prevention measures that can reduce transmission, such as public health campaigns, mosquito nets and measures to reduce skin contact, to reduce infections, and to reduce the spread and spread of infection,” said the agency in a statement.

Zika was first identified in Brazil on March 12, with officials predicting an increase in cases and deaths in the coming days.

Brazil is still not fully clear about the virus and there is no evidence that the virus has affected any people, according the WHO.

Meanwhile, the country’s largest beauty brand, Estee Lauder, has decided to pull all its products containing Bambi, the nickname given to a young girl who has become the face of the outbreak.

The company has suspended all sales of all Bambis.

Estee Lauder has been ordered to remove all Bumbis products from its shelves and will issue refunds to affected customers.

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