Which one is better: Facebook or Instagram?

Share this article Share On March 9, 2015, Facebook announced that it had added an ability for users to “disseal email content from your news feed” on the site, a move that will be rolled out to the wider app and desktop version of the site in the coming weeks.

“If you’ve been sharing the news of the day, we want to show you more of what’s happening around the world,” Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at the time.

The move is a significant expansion of Facebook’s already expansive email functionality, which has long been limited to its mobile app.

“When you’ve seen more than 1,000 emails in a day, it’s not that you need to open the app and scroll through them all,” said Tim Cavanagh, a senior product manager at social network Twitter.

“We know you want to see more of that, so now you can.

We’ll be making it even easier to see and share your most recent email stories on Facebook.”

The feature is available in the app, but users can still opt out of it by using the button on the top right of their news feed.

“The news feed will now be completely open,” the Facebook website states.

“You can now choose to not see emails, and you can even choose to block specific email accounts.

That way, if you want email content that you can’t see, you can always turn that off.”

“People are using social to get real news from real sources,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook’s email features have become increasingly popular in recent years, with users opting in to see news stories from major publications like The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, among others.

Facebook said in October that it would add new email features to its desktop and mobile apps.

Facebook also recently announced plans to expand its email functionality on the desktop and app, including adding a feature that allows users to send and receive emails via email as well as through the web.

The feature will be enabled on the mobile app in early December, the company said.

“Today, people are increasingly using social media to share important information and get real-time updates,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told reporters in September.

“That means people are using email and the web to share and learn more about the world.

We’re working to make our email experience even better.

We know people are always looking for ways to share their news and get the most out of our social network, so we’re excited to offer you this new way to share the news.”

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