This Is What You Can Expect To See At The 2017 Anime Expo

“It’s a beautiful summer day in the Pacific Northwest, and I’ve got a new job.

I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life!”

The adoring eyes of the adoring audience greet me on the convention floor as I introduce myself.

My voice is soft and confident, like a freshly-minted graduate of the prestigious University of Washington’s business school.

I am wearing a long white dress and a purple blouse, my long blonde hair neatly combed back, and my eyes glistening with sweat.

I was chosen as the first keynote speaker for the 2017 Anime-related conference, and the reception is warm and enthusiastic.

I walk down the hall and into the convention center.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people who’ve come to the event, and as I pass the convention office I am met by a smiling woman.


This is Shizuku from my company,” she greets me, as we pass through security.

“So what can I tell you?”

I ask, as I approach the desk.

Shizuku looks over at me.

“I’m glad you came!

I’m looking forward to the convention.

I love the convention, and it’s a great way to show off what I do for my company.”

I glance over at my phone.

It’s just a few seconds before my phone rings.

A few minutes later, Shizuko, who’s a bit older than me, says, “Hello, my name is Shibuya Shigeta and I’m here to say hello to all of you!”


How are you?”

“My name is Kanae from our company, the Kanaes.

We are the creators of the Anime Expo.”

“Oh, wow!

I love it!”

Shizuka says.

The first person I introduce to Shibuyan, who is wearing her typical school uniform, is my new coworker.

Kanae smiles, nods, and smiles back.

“Oh, that’s really cool!”

As we enter the conference center, we are greeted by a crowd of hundreds of people.

My first impression of Shibuyas booth is how comfortable she is, how she’s happy to be here.

It’s almost like I was in a dream, and yet I feel at ease as I sit down.

When I get to the conference table, Shibu’s chair is a small white one, with a large red rectangle over the top.

There are several large screens set up in the center of the table.

One screen shows a slide show of the latest anime announcements from the last two years.

I see an announcement about Shinkai , and it looks to be a very good anime.

On another screen, Shinku, dressed in a white uniform, sits on a large white chair and looks at the latest announcements.

At the far right of the screen, there’s a video of a young girl who is watching anime with her mother.

The video shows her mother laughing at the camera.

(Shinku: Oh, I love anime.

This is amazing!

The anime is really good.

) On the other screen, the mother has a look of sadness on her face.

She looks away as her daughter watches anime with the mother.

As she watches the video, her eyes roll back.

We’ve been shown the latest updates about the anime that’s airing in Japan.

This is a very big announcement.

This has to be big!

We have to get this in front of the public!

(Kanaes: Oh, I can do it.

We’ll have to find the perfect anime.

I’ll be your translator.)

We are in a room full of people, and Kana is seated next to Shizuki.

Her eyes are sparkling with anticipation.

What will be on the show?

Shinkus mother laughs.

“What kind of anime is this?” she asks.

And then she starts to answer.

“”I think it’s going to be the upcoming Kami no Shounen!

A new show about the supernatural world that revolves around the Kami!

The Kami are a mysterious and powerful entity who have ruled the world since ancient times.

But after the demon lord’s defeat, the demon king was defeated by a mysterious girl who turned out to be his daughter, and that girl is now the new ruler of the world!

This will be a new series in which the main character is a girl who has lived as a Kami since she was a child!””

But how is the show going to fit in with the anime?

“I’m curious.

While I was waiting for the announcement, I was also listening to a different announcement.

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