Which countries are spreading disease in the UK?

The UK is seeing an increase in the number of people who are sickened by the coronavirus and who are spreading it, but the government is struggling to control the spread of the disease in England and Wales.

A new report by the University of Oxford found that the UK is now one of the countries with the highest rate of people spreading the disease.

It found that on the first day of March this year, there were more than 12,000 cases of coronaviruses, compared to 6,000 the same day in 2016.

This week, the number has now reached 25,000.

There have also been a number of deaths in England over the last two weeks, which is putting pressure on NHS staff.

The government says it is working on a plan to get rid of the virus and has been pushing for the coronava virus to be contained in England.

However, it has been criticised for not prioritising preventing the spread or controlling it.

Dr David Bew, who led the report, told Al Jazeera that this is not good enough.

“This is a huge concern.

If the virus can be contained and then the burden of transmission can be managed without putting people in danger then this is really bad,” he said.”

If the government can’t do it, it is time to take control.”

He said the government needs to focus on the spread rather than the virus.

“It’s a huge issue.

It is a challenge to the entire country,” he told Al Jazeeras.

Dr Bew said the UK government was doing a poor job at preventing people from spreading the virus, because there was not a good strategy for getting rid of it.

“The government is making a lot of progress.

But it is not getting to grips with what the spread actually is.

The virus has not been eliminated and it is spreading,” he added.

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